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Discover the True Meaning of Core TrainingSave


Did you know that Core refers to the "most central, innermost, or essential part of something."?  Does knowing this have you question your current core exercise program? If not it should!

Your core is far more than a reflexion in a mirror. It is a complex system that has a profound impact on our quality of life and athletic performance for better or for worse.

You may find this hard to believe but, your  'core' is responsible for posture, circulation,respiration, maintaining continence (prevention of urinary & fecal incontinence), support for our internal organs (prevention of pelvic organ prolapse or hernia), sexual function, stability, digestion, phonation all the while balancing and counterbalancing pressure changes from within. 

WOW! It is not hard to see why training our core for function over aesthetics might be a priority.

Take this core competence questionnaire to get an idea of how functional your core is.

When you are ready, I would love to introduce you to this phenomenal  core program used as a preventative, restorative and reprogramming  tool by men and women of all ages.

Coreset Fitness offers private and small group training, classes and workshops in:

Trista Zinn, Hypopressive Training, coresetfitness.com

I'm Trista Zinn, founder of Coreset Fitness. I'm Canada’s first Master trainer & international course instructor in  HYPOPRESSIVE® Training. 

Guiding men and women to better core health has become a true passion of mine.  Core health means so much more than an abdominal workout based on strength and aesthetics.  Unfortunately I learnt the hard way and developed pelvic floor dysfunction when I was 40. The years of over training my core based on abdominal-centric exercises, strength training and running with a body that although appeared strong on the outside was un able to manage the repetitive increases in pressure from the inside.  It wasn't until I began training with the Hypopressive® Training program that I truly came to  understand the true essence of "the core."

As an outdoor fitness enthusiast I love to run, Xcountry ski, cycle, walk everywhere and train with the TRX suspension trainer I know the appeal of training at different intensities and what it is like to be injured. Being diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction or as I came to see it as an injury to my core, was the one injury that was the most emotionally draining!

Read my story...

Prior to doing the HYPOPRESSIVE I had many pelvic floor dysfunction related issues. After a few months of doing HYPOPRESSIVE training my pelvic floor physiotherapist has assessed me as having an optimally functioning and well co-ordinated pelvic floor. An added benefit has been an increased metabolism and enhanced cardio-vascular performance."

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