Artamis Pose

  • Feet facing foreword & hands distance apart
  • Do not squat into this pose it is a pivot from the hips into angle where you can get the most
  • Hands are flat fingers facing forward wrist are facing away from the body
  • You can push a little down and away from the body in a motion AS IF to spread the legs but
    not doing so
  • Elbows are slightly bent and wide
  • Look to your toes so you create nice length in the neck
  • Slight axis shift forward to unload the pelvis
  • Lengthen heals into the floor and feel how it activates the core all the way up the spine
  • Exhale and grow paying attention to the 3 domes — pelvic, respiratory, and the top of the
    head — are in line.
  • Once you have the pose set — don’t forget to breath — and fine tune it with the exhale.
  • When you breath don’t round your back remember to breath laterally so you don’t do a cat
    and cow movement with the breath.