Athena Arms Pose

Athena Arms

  • Keep your eyes open and looking towards the horizon
  • Arm position is palms facing out elbows wide and away from the body
  • You can think of the bubble analogy, as if you are inside the bubble and opening up and
    becoming one with the bubble
  • You want shoulder blades away from each other but not rounded
  • Shoulder girdle is open and active
  • When the arms are in this position they will encourage the ribs to open
  • The arms in Athena can be down with the hands at hip level or middle with finger tips inline
    with the arm pits or raise higher but remember the energy is always moving away from the

You have the option of moving the arms up while in apnea.

  • The first inhale is taken while the arms are still up – move them down on the exhale back to
    the starting position = rest breath one


  • Exhale and grow paying attention to the 3 domes — pelvic, respiratory, and the top of the
    head — are in line.
  • Perhaps you will need to let go of the tension in your hip flexors. You can do this by creating space where the hip flexors are
  • If need be you can lightly put your hands on the wall ( if the Athena position is your
    choice ) without the axis shift forward