my personal prolapse story,

My Personal Prolapse Story

When teaching a recent workshop I shared my personal experience with Stage 2 Prolapse – from its discovery to its treatment to its resolution – and it was brought to my attention that I should add this to my website. Here it is…  and though it certainly seems a lot longer in writing, feel free […]

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aging and the pelvic floor,

Aging and The Pelvic Floor

By the age of 40, one would think we would know all there is to know about our ‘private parts’. It would seem, however, that most men and women are not only unfamiliar with their pelvic floor (the area of our bodies that contains these private parts), but also the important role it plays on […]

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foods that can affect your hypopressive exercises,

Foods that can affect your Hypopresive® exercises

Foods can affect your ability achieve the desired rib flare and decompression in the abdominals while doing Hypopresive® exercises. While practicing the Hypopresive® exercises it is to your advantage to make sure you are eating a well balanced diet and staying well hydrated. Knowing which foods are best for you can be challenging but thanks to Sarah Maughan […]

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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Signs & Symptoms,

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Signs & Symptoms

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction is one of the first steps in both the recovery and prevention.  If  you experience any of these symptoms it would be wise to be assessed by a pelvic floor physiotherapist for a correct diagnoses so that we can work as a team of professionals to help guide you toward your goals. […]

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