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“I have been practicing on a regular basis and have seen a HUGE difference in my stress incontinence.”

Hello Trista. I took your HYPOPRESSIVE Workshop in May and loved it! I have been practicing on a regular basis…

“I was worried I would never be able get back to exercising like I used to.”

I’ve been doing HYPOPRESSIVES with Trista for about two months now. I have pelvic floor dysfunction after a traumatic delivery…

“I could neglect going to the washroom for long stretches of time without having to think about it.”

Recently I’ve noticed a change since practicing HYPOPRESSIVE exercises. It wasn’t what I might have expected. I noticed that I…

“I’ve tried so many things to flatten my stomach this past year and none of them worked.”

I just wanted to give you an update on my progress. I am starting to see a difference in my…

“Since I started doing HYPOPRESSIVE exercise, any problems with incontinence have diminished greatly and any discomfort I was feeling in my pelvic area has completely disappeared.”

After having surgery to repair my prolapse, I was still experiencing some issues with incontinence. I was then told that…

“Learning the positions and practicing between sessions allows me to feel I am regaining control of my body again.”

I want to talk about HYPOPRESSIVE exercise. I will not go into detail about my personal health situation, just know…