Hestia 2

Hestia 2 / Sitting with Knees Extended and Slightly Bent

  • You may want to sit on a small pillow, or rolled yoga mat, or yoga block
  • You need to find your sweat spot where you can grow with ease
  • Keep your eyes open and looking towards the horizon
  • Arm position is palms facing out elbows wide and away from the body
  • You can think of the bubble analogy, as if you are inside the bubble and opening up and
    becoming one with the bubble
  • You want shoulder blades away from each other but not rounded
  • Shoulder girdle is open and active
  • When the arms are in this position they will encourage the ribs to open
  • The hands can be flat with fingers flat on the legs, you can push a little down and out with the
  • So the energy is out the wrist and elbows