Hypopressive Fitness Classes

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Hypopressive® Training Classes

The Hypopressive® Training classes are geared towards those who have already worked one-on-one with a qualified Hypopressive® trainer and have a basic grasp of the breathing technique and the poses involved in the fundamental series.

Classes offer you the benefit of the continual repetition and rhythmic cues for the breathing and postures. Unlike fitness and Yoga classes taught today, the Hypopressive® instructor does NOT involve themselves with self practice during a class or private session. There is a constant, rhythmic cueing of the breath and tactile feedback while walking among the participants. This repetitive verbal and tactile guidance engraves memory patterns within each of those involved and is a key aspect of this form of training that can not be learnt by reading a simple instruction guide.

Fundamental Hypopressive® Technical Classes

The classes are aimed at helping those adhere to the final stages of their 8-12 week program.  The small group environment is also a  great way for  anyone who has finished the Hypopressive® reprogramming, but would like to continue in a small group environment where they can be guided seamlessly through the program and monitored on proper technique and form.

This class will allow you to keep the Hypopressive® technique as part of weekly maintenance session or prepare you for moving towards the advanced Hypopressive® program.

Advanced Hypopressive® Technical Classes

The advanced classes are for those who have worked one on one with a certified advanced level Hypopressive® trainer and have an understanding and ability to move through each pose and progression but need some continuing guidance and practice.

The advanced Hypopressive® Training is a dynamic series of postures and poses where you move across the room.  The Advanced class will be geared to a much smaller group as it requires more space and the movements and breathing patterns are much more complex.

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Class Schedule

Weekly classes are offered over 6 weeks. This will allow you to attend 5 classes of your choice over the offered period, or, as a bonus, you may attend all 6. Classes MUST be used within the 6 week time period.

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COST: 5 classes for $125.00 / I also offer a trial session for $25.00.

DATES: Level 1 classes are offered weekly on Tues at 2:00 & Thurs at 6:30pm

LOCATION: Coreset Fitness & Hypopressive® Training Home Studio
565  Eglinton Ave W. Russell Hill Chiropractic & Natural Health Clinic

Hypopressive® Certification

If you are interested in becoming certified in Hypopressive® Training, visit Hypopressives Canada.