Maya / Prayer Pose

Maya Prayer Pose

Maya /Prayer Pose

  • On the floor with knees in line with the hips at 90%
  • Knees are not too close together or too far apart, they should be straight down from the hip
  • Feet flexed since you are not standing on them
  • Making a triangle with forearms on the floor,
  • The triangle is formed with the index fingers at the top of the triangle and the elbows the
    bottom of the triangle.
  • Head is resting where the hair line is ever so lightly on the floor just below your hands
  • Gaze with your eyes towards your crotch so you feel a lengthening of the neck
  • Make sure you are able to breath and your elbows aren’t too close together
  • Yyou have to offer yourself support with your shoulder girdle so don’t let yourself sink between
    your shoulder blades
  • Once you have the pose set. Don’t forget to breath ... and fine tune it with the exhale.
  • When you breath don’t round your back remember to breath laterally so you don’t do a cat
    and cow movement with the breath