Prenatal Fitness and
Postnatal Restoration

Hypopressive Exercise Is an Ideal Way to Prepare Your Body

Hypopressive Fitness, an ideal way to program the ’core’ while getting ready to withstand the physical demands of pregnancy. As a post natal mom the physical demands will change and although you are no longer carrying the baby internally, carrying the baby does not stop!  Let’s face it the body will not be as it once was, so going back to the pre baby workout is not in your best interest!

Choosing the correct exercise program should be part of the grand pregnancy plan even it you are only in the…. “thinking of getting pregnant” stage!

Thinking of getting pregnant ?

Hypopressive Fitness will help prepare the body for carrying a baby with minimal discomfort. The overall muscle tone that is achieved when doing Hypopressives is exactly what you need to help support the baby from the inside out. The resting tone of the abdominals will work as if you're wearing a support garment on the inside. The resting tone and improved function of the pelvic floor and core as a unit can help to alleviate unwanted sacral pain and lower back pain and pelvic floor dysfunction such as incontinence (a common symptom of pregnancy).

Hypopressive training relies heavily on the specific details of the poses helping to maintain or improve ones posture which will help prepare you when there is more than just gravity pulling you down.

Hypopressives while pregnant?

ONLY the poses/postures

The benefits obtained before pregnancy with hypopressive training can be maintained during pregnancy. Continuing the routine with a now modified breathing technique tailored specifically for the pregnant mom will help you stay connected with the postures/program and your pelvic floor so after the baby is born the program is already in place and it will just be about bringing back or adding the final touch with the apnea and abdominal suction.

If you are already pregnant and have just discovered what Hypopressive fitness is all about, don’t despair! I will start you with the routine based on the poses and the correct breathing pattern for the pregnant mom and then after the baby is born I will at that time introduce you to the apnea and false inhale and we will add it to the already memorized program.

Hypopressives Post Natal Core Restoration

Hypopressives were originally created for this very reason!! to help new moms prevent and recover from pelvic floor dysfunction after pregnancy and is part of the post natal protocol in many European countries today. Hypopressive Fitness helps to restore the function of the core after it has been exhausted from not only caring the baby but as well as the force of giving birth. This unique technique is fabulous to use within a short time period after the baby is born to counter balancing the downward movement of birth. Hypopressives help to encourage an upward movement and replacement of the organs

Yes, Hypopressive Fitness does help improve abdominal tone after giving birth, however the majority of post-natal women I see are looking to restore their core/ pelvic floor because they are now experiencing symptoms of its dysfunction (incontinence, diastasis, pelvic organ prolapse). The Today’s Parent Magazine did a feature article on the The Truth About Pelvic Organ Prolapse May 2015, that helps to shed some light on what women might experience and yet had not heard of until they became symptomatic.

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