Sports Performance Stories

Sport Performance Stories

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As an adolescent my interest in cultivating a higher level of fitness was inspired by athletic performance. As I began to compete in martial arts I was humbled particularly by the diversity of athletic capabilities my competitors and training partners possessed and I desired to continually improve and diversify my own abilities. This has subsequently lead me to an appreciation for many different forms of strength development and a desire for practices that lead me closer to the epicentre of all strength cultivation. Trista Zinn and hypopressive exercise have played a major role in this pursuit. My practice in Hyporessive exercise is a consistently important and a central role in training, which translates to my capacities in more specialized ways. The abdominal tone that I experience from Hypopressive exercise is my version of having my cake and eating it too (not that cake is involve in anyway). It is a desirable aesthetic but for me it also represents an important function of postural strength that I always need to work on. This form of exercise is a totally unique thing for my body and i love it.

Hypopressives for Improved Sports Performance

Alan Kerr-Wilson Personal Trainer at Medcan Fitness Department June 12, 2016

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I was involved in competitive short track speed skating between the ages of 4 and 18. I attended nationals for four years, and the Canada winter games. I stayed active for years after leaving competitive sport, running, biking, skiing, and practicing yoga. However the high intensity and repetitive training from speed skating had left me with muscle imbalance in my legs and back and looseness in my hip joints. The wear and tear speed skating had on my body came to light when I injured myself in a yoga class. I ran regularly before injuring my back two and half years ago, despite efforts with physio and massage therapy I was not able to return to running until I started hypopressive training.

Trista is a diligent instructor and was able to quickly and effectively teach me the hypopressive technique. This allowed me to manage my back pain and return to an active lifestyle. Working with Trista has been reminiscent of my experience of working with high caliber coaches while participating in competitive speed skating. Accurate instructions and excellent follow-up from Trista made hypopressive training accessible. This is not a technique I could have taught myself without her careful guidance.

Preventing my back injury would have been my first choice. I would recommend any high level athlete emphasize diversification and the incorporation of hypopressive in thier training.

Caroline Quinn

October 3, 2019