“Learning the positions and practicing between sessions allows me to feel I am regaining control of my body again.”

I want to talk about HYPOPRESSIVE exercise. I will not go into detail about my personal health situation, just know that I am an otherwise healthy woman of a certain age. When I became aware that something was not right with me I first spoke to my trainer about it and she suggested I see a physiotherapist specializing in pelvic floor therapy. I did this and am still working on doing Kegel exercises correctly. One true thing: good people know other good people and I am lucky to have a trainer that is always continuing her own education and passing on new information to her clients.

Next she referred me to Trista Zinn. Trista has devoted her practice to teaching the HYPOPRESSIVE technique to other trainers and physiotherapists and clients like me.

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Having a problem with pelvic floor muscles can happen at any time in life and can be caused by any number of different things. The point is that you may not have a symptom until much later in life and I don’t think I am alone when I say that I have no memory of anyone, doctors included, who spoke of the chance that prolapse of pelvic organs can happen.

Pelvic floor weakness can be troublesome and leaves a woman feeling depressed and that there is nothing to be done. The doctors send you on to specialists who order a battery of tests and confirm that you have this problem and come back in three months. My specialist did prescribe topical estrogen for me and I believe I probably should have had it a long time ago. It has been very helpful.

But really learning from Trista has been most beneficial. Learning the positions and practicing between sessions allows me to feel I am regaining control of my body again and have regained a sense of ‘normal.’ I leave every session feeling better and stronger because of her charming encouragement. I may even be able to avoid a surgery. So that is good!

prolapse story, www.coresetfitness.com, hypopressive ftiness

These exercises are not difficult and can be done at any age. I expect to do them long into my old age years. I hope that in the future that all young women learn this technique to enhance the value of the Kegel exercises. In time I would think that Hyporessives will be a part of every physical training session and workout.

In the future my plan is to continue with the exercises and have a class or session with Trista so that she can check my form and teach me new ways to experience Hyporessives.



S.C. June 5, 2016