TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training

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The TRX suspension trainer provides a challenging total body workout using your body weight against gravity and develops strength, balance, flexibility, and core control simultaneously.  The trainer is suspended from a high point, such as the ceiling, a fence, a soccer goal post or a door frame. The level of difficulty can be managed by adjusting your body position to add or decrease resistance. TRX training allows you to flow through your full body workout without the complication of having to use multiple pieces of equipment.

It is of particular benefit to those who travel.  The TRX suspension trainer is light and easily packed into a suitcase for use from a tree at the cottage or from a hotel room door frame.

TRX Suspension Training is suitable for all ages and all fitness levels from pro athletes to seniors.

You will enjoy TRX if

  • you are looking for a challenging full body workout
  • you want to improve athletic performance, balance, core strength,control and overall strength
  • you travel or prefer to train at home and have limited space for equipment

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