Discover the True Meaning of Core Training

Coreset Fitness assists men and women in reprogramming their core.  Guiding them in the prevention and recovery of pelvic floor dysfunction (incontinence, prolapse,) low back pain, hernia,and sexual dysfunction… all the while improving their posture, increasing abdominal and pelvic floor tone, improving breathing patterns.  Optimizing core control for athletic performance and improved daily living.


Trista Zinn, founder of Coreset Fitness, is Canada’s first Master level  (Level 4) Trainer & international course instructor in  HYPOPRESSIVE (TM)-Low Pressure Fitness. She understands the emotional toll and physical complications associated with pelvic disorders. She also believes that, with encouragement and enthusiasm, your fitness and athletic goals within a variety of intensities and disciplines can be achieved. Focused primarily on re-programming the core, she believes and has proven that once the true meaning of core co-contraction is realized, you will be able to re-integrate many or all of those activities that were put on hold due to poor pelvic conditioning.

Coreset Fitness offers personal training and small group training and workshops in:

For more information about the services offered at Coreset Fitness, please contact Trista.