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I had a hysterectomy a number of years ago and no one talked with me about the changes in my body that came with that surgery.When I was working out at the gym I felt like the bottom of my body was falling out. Mostly because it was!!I read an article in the Running Room magazine that featured Trista and her HYPOPRESSIVE techniques. It sounded like just what I needed.I found a pelvic floor Physio and had a few sessions with her. Then I met Trista which has basically changed my life. Seriously.I now run and lift weights comfortably. Intercourse is no longer painful.I faithfully do my hypopressive routine and am grateful that I found two professional, highly skilled people to make this kind of a difference in my life.
Thanks so much for everything you have done for me. Warm regards,

B.B. June 5, 2016

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