“It is changing my confidence and my life…”

Two weeks after I gave birth to my first baby, I felt heaviness and a bulgy feeling in my vagina to which I discovered a mild prolapsed bladder.. why didn’t anyone tell me this could happen straight after birth?!? I went through a LONG period of time in mourning over my body that I once had, and many, many tears of helplessness. One morning I awoke very early, crying (which was not uncommon for me) and desperately looked on Google for an alternative to prolapse recovery. I needed something to add to my kegel routine!!! I found Trista’s website and watched her testimony and felt the first real hope for my prolapse after 3 months of depression and prayers. After training with Trista on Skype for about 5 weeks so far, I can testify how amazing hypopressive exercise is and below are my email updates sent to Trista thus far (and my hypopressive journey has just begun!!):

1-2 week update:
My husband looked in my vagina while I was doing an apnea (suction part of the hypopressive exercise) and saw everything get sucked up especially in the floor pose. He was very very impressed! You are an AMAZING trainer Trista!!

2 week update:
Loving the hypos!!!!! It’s also helping my breathing… I had noticed my lungs were a bit weak on capacity since birth. I have noticed I can breathe in a bit more as each week goes by. Yay!!!!

5 week update:
Another progress update – I had some marriage time yesterday and my husband said he can’t remember me feeling tighter down there! He said he’s noticed a HUGE change this past week!! And he thinks I’m tighter than before our baby’s birth (and she was a whopping 4.43kg (9.76 pounds) with a 38cm head… AND I had a second degree tear as a result)!!!
Woo hooooooooo! I loooooooove HYPOS!!!!!!!!!

I was honestly contemplating having no more babies if my bits were all going to fall out even more but I feel so much more secure and supported down there after doing hypopressives… I’m actually excited about the future pregnancies I may have!!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

I’m so excited to go back to the gyno in 6 months and see how I’ve improved after doing these exercises! I reckon hypos are even helping my anxiety levels (lowered my cortisol (stress) levels, praise the Lord!!).

I really cannot explain, with words, my gratitude for your help so far Trista! It is changing my confidence and my life… and my marriage time ;) !!!! My husband thanks you too hehe!!!

Such a blessing you are!

C.D.H. May 10, 2017