I cannot imagine my life without my hypopressives!

Before I met you Trista, I found it hard to stand up straight after 12 noon. I just had to lie down.

I had two kids (aged 4 & 9 months) so this wasn’t very realistic either!

After my first session, I felt better – and my posture continues to improve. This has had an immense positive effect on my core, pelvic floor function, prolapse symptoms, and mood. I can walk tall and pain free. Also, I can whistle like a Disney dwarf, not out of breath!

I think hypopressives is not only great for your core – which is the reason I was drawn to it in the first place – but encourages self introspection. Also, it’s really fun learning different poses and flows. Such an amazing feeling when you align those domes and feel that subtle, yet powerful pull inside.

I was thinking about Aura. I couldn’t even get into the pose because my pelvis was so anteriorly tilted. And I was so weak that I couldn’t exercise without hurting my back so I put all those “mommy workouts” on the back burner and all I did was hypopressives, every day for months, and now Aura is one of my favourites.

Thanks for sending the photos. It’s amazing how much my posture has changed!

I cannot imagine my life without my hypopressives!

Harvin P. June 1, 2021