“I’m still stunned by the drastic improvement in my vocal performance”

Hi Trista,

In the insanity since my sister’s new album has taken off better than expected, and I’ve been asked to suddenly put on my professional singing hat after MANY years off, I had to thank the one person who, completely by surprise, has helped me gain a level of skill and vocal strength I’ve never had before: you.

You, and the very basic hypopressive introduction you gave me, have been my new secret weapon in finding the diaphragmatic control and breathing power that saved me when I suddenly had to go from stay-at-home mom/actor/journalist to professional back-up singer.

I’ve got a LONG way to go yet in my training, both vocally and in hypopressive, but I’m still stunned by the drastic improvement in my vocal performance just after the minimal training I’ve done with you.

All to say, I hope to do more training with you in the new year, am still practicing the basics as part of my vocal warm-up, and I wanted to thank you for this completely unexpected benefit of hypopressive training.

You rock.

Jacqueline June 5, 2016