“It is hard to believe that in three short months I have made such progress.”

Hi Trista,

I just wanted to thank you.

Five months after I had my prolapse surgery I coughed and ended up having some complications. I was told that part of my prolapse had returned. I also told my surgeon that I felt like I was walking around with a walnut between my legs. I didn’t feel the same. I was told that this was my new landscape and I was just going to have to get use to it.

I felt completely helpless. I use to be very active but I was told that I should not even walk too much let alone ride a bike. Core exercises were out of the question. All of this left me with so many fears and questions. How was I going to continue to do my job? How was I ever going to be able to do anything around the house? Would I ever be able to do the activities I loved. How was I going to keep my back strong? Would it get worse? Are my organs going to fall out? How was I ever going to feel comfortable having a sexual relationship with my husband?

Then my women’s physiotherapist told me about you. That day changed my life.

It is hard to believe that in three short months I have made such progress. At the beginning I thought there was no hope, but working with you on a one to one weekly bases really helped me feel comfortable with the exercises. You were very encouraging, worked with my limitations, and moved at a pace that made me feel comfortable.

Doing the exercises on an almost daily basis has really paid off. The walnut is gone; I feel so much stronger. I don’t have the constant fear that my organs may fall out with the wrong move. My back has never felt better. I am aware of my breathing and posture. And a bonus… People are telling me how great I look.

You having given me my life back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

With eternal gratitude,

Jenny February 12, 2017