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Trista introduced me to the Hypopressives method about 2 years ago. As a pelvic floor physiotherapist I see a lot of interesting new ideas for pelvic floor rehabilitation on a regular basis. What impressed me about the hypopressive method is that it was based on sound bio-mechanical principles. The program is exercise based and does not require participants to buy any devices or products.I base my practice on educating clients about their conditions and I focus on teaching them the skills they need to be able to care of themselves. The hypopressive method woks in very well with this philosophy as it is based on education and teaching clients exercises that they can do independently. I have found that the exercises help clients integrate pelvic floor muscle activation with core muscle strengthening in a way that is effective at reducing adverse pressure on the pelvic floor and core. The principle of decreasing abdominal and pelvic pressure while activating the muscles helps to decrease the prolapse of pelvic organs and improve the symptoms of stress urinary incontinence.Working with Trista has been a pleasure as she is dedicated to her practice and her clients well being. She is committed to excellence and the clients I have referred to her always remark upon her enthusiasm and strong sense of compassion.

Kathleen Shortt Clinic Owner, In Balance Physiotherapy, BScPT, FCAMT June 5, 2016

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