“I feel like I can become stronger then ever”

After a traumatic delivery of my son, I had suffered third degree tearing and an incredible amount of pressure with very limited activity. I learned that this feeling was a result of a prolapse in my bladder and bowel. I was devastated, thinking I was going to have a huge change in my quality of life. My physio recommended hypopressives to augment pelvic floor physiotherapy. I’m happy to say that I have had tremendous success, I went from walking barely ten minutes to now over two hours. And my physio says my prolapse is hardly noticeable anymore and I’m only 4 months post partum. Trista was so supportive and motivating over these past few months. I feel like I can become stronger then ever, thanks to hypopressives. And I’m not scared to engage in exercise.

N A-H February 13, 2017