“Hyporessive exercise is a consistently important and a central role in my training”

Hypopressives for Improved Sports Performance

As an adolescent my interest in cultivating a higher level of fitness was inspired by athletic performance. As I began to compete in martial arts I was humbled particularly by the diversity of athletic capabilities my competitors and training partners possessed and I desired to continually improve and diversify my own abilities. This has subsequently lead me to an appreciation for many different forms of strength development and a desire for practices that lead me closer to the epicentre of all strength cultivation.

Trista Zinn and hypopressive exercise have played a major role in this pursuit. My practice in Hyporessive exercise is a consistently important and a central role in my training, which translates to my capacities in more specialized ways. The abdominal tone that I experience from Hypopressive exercise is my version of having my cake and eating it too (not that cake is involved in anyway). It is a desirable aesthetic but for me it also represents an important function of postural strength that I always need to work on. This form of exercise is a totally unique thing for my body and i love it.


Alan Kerr-Wilson Personal Trainer at Medcan Fitness Department June 12, 2016